We’ll record singles and EPs!

I’ve been a recording hobbyist most of my life, but I’ve produced several projects professionally since graduating with an AS in the MIRA program at St. Petersburg College in 2013.

I have a lightweight compact recording setup that I can take anywhere and I’m willing to come to you to record in your garage, bedroom or storage unit. Whatever it takes to get this ball rolling.

I primarily work in Protools on a Mac mini, with a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interface. Here’s how I like to record. Beta 52A on the kick, Shure SM57 on the snare, Sennheiser e845s on the toms and a set of AKG P420s for overheads. Depending on how the band wants to record, there’s a couple different ways things can go. For the crispest sound, I prefer recording each musician one at a time. The guitarist would lay down a scratch track to start, the drummer would record, then the bassist, then the guitarists, then the vocalist. If the band wants to record all together, we can throw SM57s on the cabs and DI everything as well.

I personally adore the full piece of art that is an “album”, but in this modern age, that’s just not viable. Considering the short attentionspan of the average consumer, less is more. Hit them with shorter productions, more often! Singles and EPs!

Let’s get this straight! I don’t want any involvement in the ownership of your music or any cut in royalties. What I want in return for my recording, mixing and mastering services is the right to sell up to 300 physical copies of each release through HCB and all subsequent sales channels.

Distrokid is the way to go when it comes to music distribution. I’m going to encourage everyone on the HCB roster to use their service. I’ll walk you through every step of publishing a release, but you’re going to be in charge of your own account and collecting your own funds from them. Although, I do expect you’ll share any sales stats for my records. The same goes for Bandcamp. It’s a necessary sales channel that I’ll help you setup, but I expect you to maintain for yourself.