We’ll print cool merch!

After working for a screen-printing company for 2 years, I decided to setup at home to print one-color designs. I work with a print-on-demand model and keep all my designs on screens and ready to print.

I would like to design and print 3 exclusive shirts for you, meaning that HCB would be the only distributor for the particular designs I’ve come up with. Of that, the band would receive 60% of the profit from the shirt. Here’s an example!

If we sell a shirt at $10 and the base cost of the shirt was $4.50, you would receive 60% of the $5.50... $3.30, while the remaining $2.20 would go to HCB.

Not only will I always have an open book policy when it comes to sales records, but I will send monthly breakdowns of your sales along with your payment.

It doesn’t have to stop at shirts though. I’d like to help you merchandise in all sorts of innovative and attention-grabbing ways. Let’s brainstorm!